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“I think over the last week or so I looked at every Sherpa Jet that is for sale in the entire world. The Sherpa Jet you had for offer is the best one at the most reasonable price...You have an awesome site.”

Anthony Steele (London, Ontario)

“Really love the Tag Kirium you sold me. The price was fantastic and it is truly what I was looking for.”
Thomas Kintanar (Leo, Indiana)

“I want to start this testimonial off by saying that I emailed probably 15 to 20 other highly recommended watch dealers in my search for my holy grail watch. I researched these dealers on the Internet and everyone kind of emailed me back the same answer that this watch was pretty much unattainable -- everybody except Paul, who I consider to be the Indiana Jones of the vintage watch world. He told me that this watch was going to be an exceptionally hard to find piece but that he was confident he could get it done. He stayed in touch with me throughout the entire process of this watch hunt and let me know that he was going to find not only the watch of my dreams but make sure that it was absolutely in the best condition that it could be in. On top of all of this I truly believe that he was completely fair with me in the price that he charged me especially considering the amount of work that he put into finding this watch. I just wanted to write down my experience being that I thought it was so amazing. It is nice to see people out there that are willing to help others with something that they really want. It made me really happy and Paul has a new customer for life! Thank you Paul or should I say Mr. Jones.”

Anthony Polski (Minneapolis)

“The Flightmaster has landed! It is a true beauty!”
Andy Katkin (Redwood City, California)

"Watch is great, Paul...clean and shiny!”

David English (Seattle, Washington)

"Seamaster came today. Looks great, flawless dial. Thanks!”

Steve Pitcher (Grand Haven, Michigan)

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