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Mega-rare and ultra-cool. A 1960s Philiip Caribbean 2000 diver in -- what else? -- orange!

One of the world's first automatic 1000m divers and still one of the most impressive watches to ever stride the Earth.

Where do we start? How about the orange Scotchlite dial that still glints in the sunlight. The huge arrow hand and the lollypop seconds hand. All in excellent condition.

This orange monster more than holds its own against the Planet Oceans and Rolex Deep Sea Dwellers of today. The massive steel monocoque case is a massive 50mm -- yes 50 -- across, excluding the original unsigned crown. It is in excellent, with the original polish and a few light scratches throughout.

This is no coddled safety-deposit-box dweller. The crystal has some heavier scratches and a couple of small chips along the edge. (Replacements are available, but we prefer the authentic look.)

The original steel link band with signed clasp is in good condition, with light scratches. It will easily fit a 7.5 inch wrist.

Comes with the original navy blue Philip box.

This generation of mega-sized dive watches has ignited collectors' passions around the world. Find out why.

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