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Here's an exceedingly rare 1960s Nivada Grenchen Depthomatic Supercompressor diver in steel.

This is no coddled queen. It has seen some action, as you can tell. That's what makes it ... magnificent.

Check out the killer jet-black dial, with big arrow hour hand and that slashing sword minute hand. And that fixed metal bezel. So. Cool.

It's called a Depthomatic because the bubble depth gauge -- that rubberlike tube surrounding the dial -- can be read underwater. Don't ask us how ...!

This Nivada is a burly 43mm wide, excluding the unsigned crowns, by 46mm from lug to massively sculpted bombe lug.

Not...not...NOT for the faint of wrist. The crystal has some well-earned scratches that hint at the lives this watch has lived.

The automatic movement keeps excellent time.

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