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Here's a rare double-branded LeJour-HH Le Mans chronograph with a mega-cool dial.

Check out the racing-red and jet-black dial with that cool red-tipped chrono hand -- a salute to the most famous auto race in the world.

These watches were made for HH Timing, a company that provides real-time assistance to racing teams during a race. The company's software analyzes factors like lap times, weather, car balance, tire wear, and competitor's positions, and feeds this information to race teams.

The stainless steel case is a hefty 37mm across and 41mm from lug to lug. Original polish is intact.

One more rarity: This has an unusual factory overprint on the left subdial, a subtle ghosting effect that is really cool.

Under the hood is a workhorse Landeron 149 manual winding movement, keeping excellent time.

Strap it on and go.

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