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Here's a highly sought Aquastar Benthos 500 with a ghost bezel and as much dive cred as a watch could ever have.

It's massive, 44mm across and 46mm from lug to lug.

Check out the deeeeeeep dish dial with those cool markers and that 60 minute arrow counter...and that amazing ghost bezel.

This is no safety-deposit box dweller; this one has the patina on the dial, the original polish on the case with some light scratches to prove that it has led an eventful life.

This Benthos 500 has been serviced by Jack at IWW and is keeping excellent time. The chrono function works as it should. Push the button and the hand flies back to midnight (sometimes one minute more or less)..then it counts off 60 minutes. You can't stop it. Once it reaches a full hour, it stops again. In order to reset, you press the chrono button, and it flies back again and restarts.

So. Cool.

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