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You can feel the history shining through here.

This gray ghost is an Omega Suveran, a military style watch from Sweden with one of Omega's most famous winding movements and, as we said, a history all its own.

In World War II, the Swedish government commissioned Omega to create the watch, hoping to raise money to fund operations. At the same time, the Swedish military did the same for a different model. This is the civilian model, but retains its gray/khaki Army feel and that cool roman numeral dial with a slight irridescence to it.

The solid stainless steel Omega is a classic dimension for the time: 35mm wide, excluding the unsigned, correct crown, and 42mm from lug to lug.

A bit of minor lume loss in the minute hand, some light even patina on the dial...but nothing, nothing, nothing to detract from the immense appeal of this classic.

Under the hood, the famed 30T2 movement, winding silkily, keeping excellent time.

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