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You won't see this one every day on Ebay: a circa 1999 Montega R9 with a 57-jewel engraved movement!


This watch was made for the famous soccer player Ronaldo. From what I know, he got hurt, the company went under...and these gorgeous watches surface only once in a while, to be snapped up by collectors.

Not hard to see why.

Check out that amazing dial, the slashing hands, the yellow-accented subdial. Date at the 5. ...alll set in a highly sculpted stainless steel case that measures 44mm across without the crown.

...And that incredible steel band. Never seen one like this before and you'll never see another. FIts a 7.5 inch wrist easily.

The 57-jewel engraved movement is certified as a chronometer, and the paperwork to prove that come with the watch. As does a cool steel box.

There are a lot of vintage divers out there. But none like this. Believe us.

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