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If you're looking at this watch, you probably know what it is and realize that in the world of Doxa, this is the holiest of grails.

In deep diving, helium can enter even the most tightly sealed watch case. When the diver surfaces, the built up helium will expand, leading the crystal to pop off and the watch to be ruined.

Enter the Doxa Sub Conquistador. This is the first watch to have a Helium Release Valve (HRV). This was the result of a co-development with Rolex for which a patent was issued in 1967. The Conquistador came out in 1969, pre-dating the Rolex Sea Dweller by two years.

This particular Conquistador is in beautifully unpolished condition, as you would hope for in a tool watch. The orange dial is brilliant and the lume has aged perfectly. It is mounted on the original owner's Olongapo bracelet.

These bracelets were made in Olongapo City, Philippines and sold to US servicemen when they were on R&R in Subic Bay. This cool bracelet adds a touch of military history to this watch, which is the most important piece of dive history since the first waterproof watches were made.

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